Festiva Maxima
Festiva Maxima
Festiva Maxima
Festiva Maxima

Festiva Maxima

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A true garden gem, this white peony is heavenly.  Elegant blossoms open with the palest of pink tones, then fade quickly to creamy white.  Center petals are splashed with crimson, while in its depths, this flower glows soft peachy yellow tones.  A true heirloom introduced over 150 years ago, this fragrant rose scented peony continues to please the senses.
SIZE: Bloom Diameter: 8-12 inches
Stem Length: 24 inches

Heirloom (Miellez, France 1851)
AVAILABLE: Mid-Season (calendar)
PRICING: Pricing is for 10 stems. For volume discounts, please visit our wholesale page.
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